1. Family - Life Is Like A Chess Game

    With 2 smart phone OS-building giants Apple and Google so far ahead your market field, it is difficult to think a third group could come in the market now and stand a chance as a competitor. Even Microsoft with it's quantities and nigh-endless amount of resources hasn't truly embroiled to the leaders of the smart phone/tablet PC offer.

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  2. Living On Virtual Games

    You you must do each drawing 1 tile from a bag.of numbers. Whoever gets closer to the start of the alphabet goes first, and draws 7 tiles. Then the other player draws 7. Play alternates between players. You can either play more then one tiles, or pass. Prone to pass, purchase exchange tiles, from 1 to all 7. When there are fewer than 7 tiles left in the bag, totally exchange. Play ends ...
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